The UK Jama’at opened its first mosque in Catford, London on 11th February 2012. The Tahir Mosque is located on an 0.53 acre site on Verdant Lane SE6 and accommodates 270 worshippers. It has on site parking for 35 cars and includes offices and meeting rooms. It was previously used as offices by Lewisham Council.

The mosque was formally inaugurated by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V – Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba). Huzur (atba) unveiled a commemorative plaque and then offered a silent prayer. Thereafter a tree was planted by Hudhur to further mark the occasion.

Huzur (atba) reminded members of the importance of a mosque and the need to ensure that, once constructed, it needed to be used for the purpose it was built for. Hudhur (atba) also stated that this Tahir Mosque, as its name signifies, should be a place of inner and outer purity. Huzur (atba) further said that Ahmadi Muslims should always maintain an atmosphere of mutual love and affection and thus illustrate Islam’s peaceful teachings to the world.

The opening of the Mosque was also attended by a number of dignitaries and guests, including Heidi Alexander, MP for Lewisham East and Sir Steve Bullock, the Mayor of Lewisham.

Ms Heidi Alexander MP, congratulated the Jama’at on the opening of the mosque. She wished the Jama’at well and looked forward to working with the community in future.

Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, said that he was familiar with the building already, as before being converted to a mosque, it had served as offices for the local Council. He congratulated the Jama’at and said that having a home for any community was very important and was a means for its growth.

Both Ms Heidi Alexander MP and Sir Steve Bullock also thanked the Jama’at for making donations to their local nominated charities as a further means to mark the opening of the mosque.