baitul futuhThe Baitul Futuh Mosque, is a landmark building. The mosque itself is among the largest built in Europe. The design of the mosque has incorporated both Islamic and modern British architecture. The strategic planning of the entire site has blended the previous Dairy Factory into the new complex. The main auxiliary building has also been developed and refurbished to offer ancillary facilities. The mosque was opened on 3 October 2003.

The complex also has to offer many facilities, such as various conference halls and auditoriums, a library and dining facilities. Events ranging from the Islamic ‘Eid’ celebrations to student career seminars have already been held at the site.

The site also has fully refurbished offices to house the administration of the various auxiliary organisations of the Ahmadiyya Community, such as the Youth Organisation; Women’s Organisation; Over 40s Men’s Organisation.

A non-profit making gymnasium is being set-up. Classes for both career development and the unemployed are already taking place.

It is our aim to continually work with the local community and to keep all informed of the progress, design and activities being hosted. The community has set-up the AMA Liaison Group, which comprises of Local Councillors, Residents Associations, Schools & Colleges, Church leaders and representatives of various other local organisations.