Building Mosques and Steadfastness in Worship of Allah

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‘This light is now lit in houses with regard to which Allah has ordained that they be exalted and His name be remembered in them. Glorify Him therein in the mornings and the evenings;

Men whom neither trade nor commerce makes oblivious of the remembrance of Allah and the observance of Prayer and the giving of the Zakat.

So that Allah may give them the best reward of their deeds, and give them increase out of their bounty. And Allah does provide for whomsoever He pleases without measure.’ (Surah Al Nur, verses 37 – 39)

Today God has enabled the New Zealand Jama’at to build their mosque. May God bless this mosque for the Jama’at in every way! New Zealand Jama’at is small with just four hundred members, yet they have made a very good mosque with a capacity greater than their numbers. May God make them outgrow its capacity! Members of the Jama’at have worked day and night with great enthusiasm to get the mosque ready. As it is traditional in the Jama’at, they undertook many jobs [in the building] themselves through Waqar e Aml and saved costs. The total cost of building the mosque and some renovation was 3.5 million NZ dollars. Due to the Jama’at being small the amount could not be promptly raised, therefore a loan was taken. However, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih hopes that members of the Jama’at will soon pay off the loan. This year New Zealand Jama’at completes its 25 years, therefore, in spite of their small numbers, the members intensely wished to submit the gift a mosque to God in the form of His house. It should be remembered that the enthusiasm with which this gift has been offered, it should not remain a gift based on loan. Efforts should be made to pay off the loan as soon as possible so that the sacrifice is pure. The loan was taken by the Jama’at keeping a positive outlook towards the members, that they will make sacrifices for the construction to attain God’s pleasure.

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that one who makes a house of God in this world God will make a house for him in Paradise. Can there be anyone who does not wish for a house in Paradise? No Ahmadi can even think of not attaining God’s pleasure and not wish for the blessing to have a house built in Paradise. It is the beauty of the Jama’at that everywhere in the world, it makes unreserved financial sacrifice. The substance of financial sacrifice that the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) initiated in his companions to take the message of Islam to the ends of the earth and about which he said that he was amazed to see the boundless sincerity and love of his companions, still exists today, a hundred years later in members of the Jama’at. Regardless of which country Ahmadis may belong, they surpass each other in loyalty and sincerity. The New Zealand Jama’at is comprised 60% of people from Fiji, 23% Pakistani immigrants and the rest from varied ethnicities. Thus this small Jama’at made up of diverse people excels in sincerity. It should be remembered that apparent sincerity, temporary sacrifice be it of time or wealth is not sufficient for a true believer. In fact dignity of a true believer is in abiding by Taqwa with resolve and constancy while keeping one’s objective of creation in view.

In this regard the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained: ‘Due to their lack of understanding and timidity people of different natures ascertain different goals for their lives and limit them to worldly objectives and desires. However, the objective that God Almighty states in His pure Book is: ‘And I have not created the Jinn and the men but that they may worship Me.’ (51:57). In light of this verse, the real objective of man’s life is worship of God and gaining His knowledge and to become God’s.’

It should be remembered that after coming in the Jama’at of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) it is not our aim to make sacrifices borne of temporary enthusiasm. Rather, we need to worship God with constancy and this is possible when one has the awareness that God is the Master of all powers and watches over everything one does, has the knowledge of what is deep in one’s heart and also has knowledge of what one intends to do in the future. Then alone can we say that man is making an effort to become God’s.

We should not worship God only when we need His help, when we are in trouble, when our worldly needs are not being met. In fact we should also pay heed to worship of God in good times. Worldly trade and commerce should not make us distant from worship of God. This mosque should not be reduced to a mere building. Its length and breadth and beauty should not just remind us of our Waqar e Aml performed for it and how much contribution we made for it. In fact this building should remind us that building a mosque in this world will make us the recipient of the blessing of a house in Paradise from God. And this will come to pass when, having made the mosque we will also pay its dues. This comes to pass when, as the verse recited at the beginning states the true believers are those: ‘…whom neither trade nor commerce makes oblivious …’ Indeed, they are not oblivious of the remembrance of Allah, Prayer and Zakat. We Ahmadis should aspire to be such believers.

A Salat centre existed here before, but there is an obvious difference in a Salat centre and a mosque. Aside from the architectural features of a mosque, minaret and dome, a mosque has an air of sanctity. In his 2006 trip to New Zealand, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih had asked the Jama’at to build a proper mosque with the objective that its minaret and dome would remind them that they have built a mosque through sacrificing their time and wealth and also need to fulfil its rights. Additionally, the minaret and the dome are also a point of interest for local people and can be a source of Tabligh. People are drawn to know the true picture of Islam or are merely inquisitive. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said he has observed thus far that with the grace of God the profile of the Jama’at increases manifold with the building of mosques and due to this increase in profile the rights of mosque can be fulfilled.

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