We believe in loyalty, equality, freedom, respect and peace. These are values that we all share and are values that are promoted by Islam.

You may have heard that ‘Islam’ means ‘peace’, but mere words are not enough to create peace – they need to be put into practice. This was one of the key messages of the founder of our community who stressed that peace must be inspired by our beliefs and demonstrated by our actions.

As Muslims it pains us when the noble religion of Islam is maligned by the actions of extremists. We therefore continuously seek to clarify the true teachings of Islam, to speak out against injustices, suicide bombings and terrorism. We are clear and firm in our belief that Islam is a religion of peace and any actions that do not promote peace find no support whatsoever in Islam.

This website is part of a wider initiative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community to explain the true teachings and values of Islam. We hope that you find this site useful and informative. If you would like to visit a mosque, learn more about Islam, or just ask us a question then you are welcome to do so, simply contact us.

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