Jalsa Salana UK 2013

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After tashhud, ta’awwuz and recitation of Sura Al-Fatiha, Huzur Aqdas (may Allah strengthen him with His Mighty Help) said that:

In the previous Khutba Jumu’ah [Friday Sermon] I had said some things with reference to the responsibilities of the hosts that they have to discharge regarding their guests – that this is our obligation that we serve the guests of the Promised Messiah (as) with zeal and passion. Today, briefly, I will draw the attention of the guests, the participants of this Jalsa [Annual Convention] to their responsibilities so that they may also have due regard for the sanctity of the environment that this Jalsa is meant to take place in, so that they may also know what are the obligations of the people who take part in the Jalsa. And similarly draw their attention to the need for them to cooperate with the organizers.

So there are two responsibilities. First, with regard to the objectives for which they have come here, they have to act in ways that will cause those objectives to be fulfilled so they may better themselves spiritually, and knowledge-wise and educate and train themselves. Secondly, they have to cooperate with the administration involved in organizing and running this Jalsa.

When we ascribe ourselves to the Promised Messiah (as) we must always keep in mind the fact that we are not just going to have the desire to get what is due to us, to be focused always and solely, only in insuring that we have our rights granted to us, but rather we need to be concerned with making sure that we give to others what they are entitled to. And the obligations or duties that fall upon us, we have to make sure to discharge and fulfill those.

The responsibilities that pertain to the guests have to be fulfilled. The greatest of these is to render thanks to God Almighty that He made all these facilities and arrangements in a place where no such facilities normally exist. And then after this thanks and gratitude and prayers are due for all those workers who toiled day and night to make these arrangements and facilities for you. And with their tireless efforts they put in place all these arrangements to make things easy for you and make your stay here comfortable.

In my previous Khutba, I had, with reference to a hadith [saying of the Holy Prophet (sa)] said to the workers that the Holy Prophet (sa) has directed us to deal with each other with happiness and a smiling countenance and he laid great stress on this and said that this is a great virtue that one should interact with each other with a smiling and happy countenance. So this direction of the Holy Prophet (sa) is for every Ahmadi to act upon. It is the duty of every guest who comes and all who participate in this Jalsa that they take firm hold of this direction of the Holy Prophet (sa) and try his or her best to act on it.

It is also your duty that if the workers make some error that you try to overlook such shortcomings and try to understand the nature of these temporary arrangements and try to make the ambiance, the environment of the Jalsa pleasant because your coming here is for the purpose of increasing in virtue and this indeed should be your purpose. You should be coming here to win the pleasure of Allah, the Exalted.

Similarly the guests who have come and all the participants of this Jalsa should respect each other. Sometimes when people see each other at these large gatherings, such occasions arise when old, previous conflicts and complaints that people have, flare up suddenly. And sometimes it happens, as it ought not to happen in an Ahmadi environment, that two parties get into an argument and such altercations sometimes even escalate into fisticuffs. This is so very unfortunate for such people that they should come to such a righteous environment and behave in such a bad way. Such people are the cause of sullying the holy environment of the Jalsa. It is better that such people whose hearts are full of malice and rancour for each other, it is better if such people were to not come to the Jalsa. And from among those who have come, if they hold such feelings of hurt or resentment then such perons must pledge today that they will remove such feelings from their hearts.

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