Entrance Exams at Baitul Futuh Mosque for study at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

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Palacky University Olomouc of the Czech Republic will be holding entrance exams for their study courses for Medicine and Dentistry taught in English at Baitul Futuh Mosque on Thursday 21st March 2013. The courses are recognised in the UK and EEC.  


The course fees and expenses have to be self financed by students. Students should have studied to ‘A’ level standard in Chemistry, Biology and Physics or Mathematics. Those interested in sitting this exam should apply directly to the university via the web link below. Only those students will be able to take the examination at Baitul Futuh who have been accepted by completing the application procedure directly with the university. 

Members can obtain details from http://www.medicineinolomouc.com/what-we-require and can find topics for the entrance examination as well as sample tests. The sample test for mathematics will be published soon. The written part of the exam lasts 2 hours and then there will be an oral interview with each candidate who has passed the written part on the same day. All candidates should apply directly through the online application form (http://www.medicineinolomouc.com/application-form). 

Interested students can email Miss Katerina Sladka the International registrar who attended on 24th November the career fair at Baitul Futuh on katerina.sladka@upol.cz if they have any questions.